Monday, October 25, 2010


Day two. I’m sitting on the train in my own little corner, looking out of the window [of course I’m going to get a window seat] and am definitely grateful that I don’t have to drive home in that awful traffic. The chow mein and BBQ pork I had for lunch earlier are having a little word with my stomach. But besides that unnecessary share, I’m thinking. Always thinking…even when I dream. Your id is your subconscious and in it, you are not aware of the things your mind ultimately wants you to be aware of. However, my id, I believe, is always thinking. Whatever I happen to dream of, the “me” that I manifest and visualize still, internally, is thinking and contemplating things. Am I rambling? Am I even making sense? I’ll stop.
Today I was also thinking, that for so many years, we have schooling and education. If a person chooses to go to college, there’s another several years before they obtain a degree. Even then, the job they land might want them to get a certain certification so they have to go back to school to receive it. I don’t mind school..I actually like it. But being in my fourth year of college and still a year or two from obtaining my Bachelor’s, I ask myself: when will it ever end? Is it so bad to want to fast forward to the immediate future? Sometimes I feel like I’m being selfish. I don’t want someone to think that I don’t want to endure and work hard because I don’t mind a little hard work.
This post is pretty random and I don’t even know why I’m posting but I am. When I get home, it’s showaaa time and blankets and a movie. Yum :]

Sunday, October 24, 2010


First blog! This brings me back to the days when Xanga was the thing to have. I figure this is better than a Twitter because one, Twitter just sounds ridiculous and two, it's like having an online diary..with followers ;P But my main reason for getting this, besides it being one of the many factors that distract, is getting into writing and letting it all [or most of it] out. Letting my mind or creative juices flow and write down whatever I'm thinking and feeling and living in at that moment. Thank you Gloria for inadvertently showing me that writing can be fun and therapeutic...and again, a distraction keeping me from doing things like the seven readings I have to do for my Sociology class before But I look forward to seeing how this goes and hope you like and enjoy my thoughts and ish.